This is a blog focused on the humorous and dabbling in the ridiculous.  Posts idle between severely-crinkled eyebrows and barely-hidden grins.

I’m an American who recently returned from several years of living in Japan, and from time to time I’ll use this blog to alleviate the more forgivable symptoms of cultural fatigue or to share the comically extraordinary events that dot my day-to-day.

I am delightfully aware of the overstatement presented by the name “The Crowned Vic,” so please feel free to comment critically on the content of this site.  Or, you know, draw a bunch of vulgar images with punctuation marks and equals signs.  I look forward to both.

Best posts include: Reasons to Decline an Invitation to Run a 5k (ft. Listina)The Fear, The Cooking Crisis, and Upville.

I hope you enjoy your time wandering the silly streets of my mind.

–The Crowned Vic



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