Upville, Episode 11: Breaker’s Bar

“Five Apollo shots!” Fern shouted over the bar, slamming a twenty down. The bartender nodded while passing another customer a drink, then began throwing several types of very potent liquor into the metal mixer. “There’s only three of us…” ventured C.K., who was looking more and more uncomfortable by the second.  When Fern didn’t seem … More Upville, Episode 11: Breaker’s Bar

Upville, Episode 6: Hospice Heist, Pt. 2

“What’s taking them so long?” Fern asked C.K., still sitting in the chairs next to the unconscious guards. “It’s already been 10 minutes.” C.K.’s fingers were at work instantly, and he made a sour face.  “Frigidier’s holding hostages at the Central Art Museum.” “What?” Blackout hustled over from his spot leaning against the reception desk, … More Upville, Episode 6: Hospice Heist, Pt. 2